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Our informatic system uses informatico technical cookies and not of profiling only for the operation of the web platformin compliance with the law we srelease the following information for future use.
Cookies are small text files collocati placed in your computer or mobile phone when you are accessing the website.

What the advantages of cookies are

Our cookies help usto:
- Offer a feature suited to our website
- Remember settings during visits
- Increase the speed and security of the site
- Allowing you to share content with social networks
- Improve / customize your navigation
- Make marketing more efficient (keeping track of what works best for our visitors and offering relevant content)

We DO NOT use cookies to:
- Collect personal information that can identify the person (without explicit permission)
- Collect sensible data
- Transmit personal data to third parties

You can read on to know more about the cookies we use.

Giving consent to the use of cookies
If your browser settings are set up to accept cookies, we consider them, with continuous use of the website, as approval of their use. You can remove or not use cookies on our website, to this end, we provide information on how to do it. The non-use of our cookies, however, can cause a malfunction of the website.

Cookies for Social Network
Just so you can enter "I LIKE" on our Facebook page, we integrated Facebook Social Plugins and Facebook Connect to our website.

Facebook - Facebook gives people the ability to share and make the world more open and connected. Millions of people use Facebook everyday to keep in touch with friends, upload an unlimited number of photos, share links and videos, and learn a lot about the people they meet.

Privacy policies vary from social network to social network and depend privacy settings set on these networks.

Cookies for visitor statistics anonymous
We use cookies to count how many people have visited our website, How long have surfed the site and which page he liked more. This information helps us to continually improve our website. These cookies also provide us, anonymously, quante persone hanno visitato questo sito e se ci erano mai state prima. These features can make the navigation of the visitors and to ensure that development of the site that meets their expectations.

Disable cookies
Rather than disable cookies from your browser, you can try the anti-spyware software that will produce the same results by deleting cookies automatically considered harmful.